Does Your Business Need Wireless POS Terminals?


For retail store owners, restaurant operators and professional service providers, choosing the right type of payment terminal is essential to keep your business running smoothly. Not only will you want to select a POS terminal that accepts all the forms of payment your customers want to use, such as credit cards, debit cards, chip and pin technology, tap payments and NFC, you’ll want to choose the style of terminal that best suits your business.

In general, most business owners choose from two types of POS terminals: wired and wireless. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at each type and which kinds of businesses they are best suited to.

Wired POS Terminals

Wired POS terminals are a common choice for retail stores who accept payments at stationary checkouts. Attached to power and a phone line in a fixed location, wired POS terminals are a familiar sight that customers are comfortable using. Wired terminals are also an affordable option for new businesses looking to get started with credit card processing.

For retail shops, grocery stores, quick service restaurants, medical offices, hotels and more, these types of terminals are an excellent choice. If customers come to a checkout area or front desk to pay, a wired terminal is a reliable method to collect payment. However, if you wish to accept payments in other areas of your retail space, you’ll want to consider a wireless option that offers more mobility.

Wireless POS Terminals

If you’re looking to add flexibility to how your staff accepts payments, consider choosing wireless POS terminals. A popular choice for restaurants, Bluetooth wireless POS terminals allow staff to bring the checkout directly to the customer, wherever they are within the dining room. This style of terminal is also becoming more popular among retail locations who are moving away from stationary cashiers to allow for more flexible payment options throughout the store.

For businesses that are looking to accept payments on the go, a wireless POS terminal that features a 3G connection is a must-have. These types of terminals will allow you to process payments while at a customer’s home or office, offering the ultimate in flexibility. Wireless POS terminals are also a great choice for businesses who want to have a back-up payment solution on hand in case network connectivity is lost, or for those businesses who need payment coverage over a large area which traditional Bluetooth wireless POS solutions may not reach.

To learn more about any of the wired or wireless POS terminals offered by Swift Payments, contact us today. Our team can help you select the payment terminals that are best suited to your unique business needs.



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