Electronic Payments of Tomorrow

As time advances, technology follows. There is no doubt that payment processing will progress within the next few years. Two often opposing forces of which drive changes within the industry are Consumer Convenience and Security. Quick, easy, and secure transactions for consumers is a priority. For the credit card Acquirers and brands it is about ensuring and maintaining security.

Security updates:

  • Tokenization is approaching, meaning credit cards will have no personal information stored within them; only a token that takes the processor to a secure data base to process the transaction.
  • With there being so many cards such as credit, debit, online accounts, bank cards etc., consumers have trouble remembering their pins numbers of which are usually stored in an un-secure manor. Eventually cards and their corresponding pins will be replaced with facial recognition, finger prints or quite possibly some form of bio metrics scan.

Consumer convenience improvements:

  • As smart phones are most definitely apart of our world today, using it to pay by credit, debit and for loyalty points has arrived. Dig no more through various cards as it will be conveniently accessible through your device.
  • Near field communication, otherwise known as NFC, allows contactless, swift payments to take place. Terminals must be equipped to accept this type of payment.
  • Be aware that if you use a pin based password that contains your birth date or SIN and it is compromised your are responsible for charges on a stolen card. Technology is advancing rapidly, and with that payment processing is also.

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