Should You Switch to a Tablet POS System?

While there are many POS software and hardware options available on the market, there is one type of terminal in particular that is gaining steam. Many retailers, restaurant owners and small business owners of all kinds are replacing bulky cash registers and credit card terminals with more modern and convenient tablet POS system solutions.

Though many of us may consider tablet POS systems to be expensive, sleek-looking and highly advanced solutions only used by large, technology-focused businesses, the reality is quite the opposite. The costs of tablet POS systems have now dropped dramatically, making them an accessible option for even small businesses. Today’s tablet solutions accept a wide range of payment options as well as a host of features that allow smaller operations to process payments quickly and get incredible insights into critical business data.

By making the switch from a traditional POS solution to a tablet POS system, you will benefit from the variety of payment forms you can accept as well as the operating data the tablet POS software collects. Most tablet systems capture, store and report on data such as total sales, transaction types, inventory levels, average sale values, discounts applied and much more. All of this data is conveniently compiled and accessed through a single piece of software that comes with your tablet POS system.

Another great benefit of tablet POS systems are their mobility. Unlike the cash registers and wired credit card terminals you may have today, you can take tablets beyond the sales counter. When connected via secure Wi-Fi or cellular connection, you can perform transactions nearly anywhere, within your business or on the go. Tablets will allow for the collection of credit card signatures on-screen to complete a transaction. Software may also allow you to email receipts or invoices directly to your customer, eliminating the need for paper.

The features and functionality offered by a tablet POS system make them an excellent choice for businesses of all types. Swift Payments is pleased to offer an all-in-one tablet POS system that works seamlessly with a tablet card reader to capture transaction data quickly and securely. Easy to set up and use, a tablet POS system will deliver all the features you’d expect from a larger, more expensive POS solution at just a fraction of the cost.

For more information about using a tablet POS system for your business, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experts. We’ll match you with the right payment processing solution for your needs, at an affordable rate. Call Swift Payments at 1-855-625-2791.



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