3 Small Business Payment Options You Should Offer

Are you missing out on sales because you aren’t offering the right payment options to your customers? Perhaps your small business is cash only, and you end up turning away a number of potential customers or clients each day simply because you don’t have debit or credit card payment capabilities.

However, you don’t have to be missing out on these sales. Simple credit card payment processing solutions exist, allowing you to accept debit and credit card payments wherever and whenever you need to, all at an affordable rate. The following are 3 small business payment options you should be offering, and why each is important:


Many customers enjoy paying for their purchases with cash as it is familiar, easy to understand and is a great way for many to keep track of their spending. Most small businesses will start by accepting cash only, and they often do so because they avoid having to pay credit card processing fees for each transaction. It is important, however, to weigh the costs of not offering credit card processing and the sales you’re missing out on when you are assessing the costs of your small business payment options.


Debit or Interac payments are one of the most popular ways to pay in Canada. Customers enjoy having instant access to their bank account and prefer debit to credit card payments to avoid interest charges. Consider investing in a POS terminal that offers both debit and credit capabilities to provide flexibility for consumers.


A large portion of your customer base will likely want to use their credit card to conveniently pay for their purchase. Whether you operate a mobile food truck or have your own brick-and-mortar location, you can accept credit cards and prevent missed sales with wireless POS terminals, smartphone credit card readers and online credit card processing technologies.

By embracing all three of these small business payment options, your business can increase its revenue. Instead of turning away clients who want to pay via credit card, you can focus instead on growing your business. You’ll be able to improve sales simply by offering more options when it comes to the ways your customers want to pay.

This, in turn, will improve the overall customer experience you offer. When you accept all the forms of payment your customers want to use, you make a better impression upon them. When shoppers can conveniently pay the way they want to and complete their transaction efficiently, you’ll be encouraging repeat business.

The world is changing quickly, and merchants need to keep up or be left in the dust by their competitors. By offering customers the ability to choose how they pay, you will ultimately improve your business. Ready to expand your payment options? Contact Swift Payments today.



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