What Is A POS In A Restaurant

A POS system is essential for any modern-day restaurant. Regardless of how you operate your business it is important for you and for the customer experience to utilize a POS system. You very likely already use a POS system but may not have a full understanding of what it is. This article with walk you through what a POS is as well as look at different types of POS systems that are used in restaurants. No matter what business you are in an efficient POS system will make business easier for you and your customers.

What is a POS?

At its most basic level a point of sales (POS) is the time and location where a transaction has taken place. When a merchant calculates a total and presents options of payment for a customer this becomes the POS. In addition to the calculations a POS also includes when the customer pays their invoice and is issued a receipt.

When we think of a POS in terms of practical use at a restaurant we are thinking of the system that our staff use to carry out transactions. After taking a customer's order a server will enter it into the POS system, the kitchen will receive a ticket, and from there a bill can be printed and paid. This entire process all becomes part of the POS system.

A POS is the transaction that takes place as it’s happening. If you currently accept a payment you are using a POS system. Even a simple cash transaction counts as a POS but there are many other types of POS systems available. Depending on the type of business you operate you will need to consider what type of POS system is right or you. See our previous blog post on POS systems to learn more.

Types of POS Systems

As mentioned above a simple cash transaction is a POS system. This is the most basic way to complete a transaction. Although there is nothing wrong with using manual math to complete a transaction it lacks efficiency. Any calculations and receipts would need to be entered manually which allows for more human error. If you are doing many transactions daily this method of POS would likely cost you precious time. An alternative to this is an electronic POS system.

An electronic POS system involves using a program to identify the cost of a product, calculate taxes and present a customer with a total as well as a receipt. In addition to these convenient options an electronic POS system is able to identify products, their prices, and make adjustments to totals. A simple example of an electronic POS system would be the cash register system at a grocery store. The POS system is able to identify what product is being bought with a scan or code. The system then creates a total for the customer. The customer than can choose how to pay either via cash or electronic payment methods.

A grocery store checkout is only one example of a POS system but depending on your businesses industry there are many other options to consider. Some different types of POS systems include tablet, mobile phone applications, online systems, self-service kiosk and terminal POS systems. Business.com provides a good breakdown of the different uses for each type of POS system as well as what system may be right for your business.

Best POS System for a Restaurant

Restaurants are fast moving and require many transactions to take place each day. In addition to the monetary transaction between the restaurant and the customer, restaurant staff are also required to accurately present orders to kitchen staff and present the customer with their order. The right POS system can make the day to day operation of a restaurant more efficient and simplifies the process for both staff and customers.

But what POS system is best? The answer will not be the same for every business. It is important to consider the size of your restaurant and the amount of transactions of which you wish to conduct in a day as well as your menu and need for more than one payment terminal. For some small business a tablet may be a great option for a restaurant. Larger business may require a more robust system to meet their needs.

Most larger restaurants and commercial chains use a terminal POS system. The reasoning behind this is that a terminal POS system allows for the restaurant to address many operational needs with one central system. A terminal POS system can allow a server to open a table for a customer with the ability to add and change the order throughout the guest experience. Tickets are then able to be seamless sent to the kitchen to be prepared. Menu items can be added to the bill and modified while keeping a total and making for a simple calculation at the end of a meal.

The terminal POS system of a restaurant is a powerful tool that allows you go far beyond the physical transaction between a customer and a sales associate. The right POS system can act as a central hub for your restaurant to assist you with the day to day functions of the restaurant as well as generating reports and assisting with inventory. The restaurant POS terminal is much more than just the mechanism of which payment is accepted.

How will a POS terminal help your restaurant?

There is no question that a POS terminal can help make your restaurant more efficient. The power capabilities of POS terminal software unlocks new abilities to keep your restaurant running efficiently and as accurately as possible.

Along with the assistance a POS terminal provides to the operations side of a restaurant it can also make payment and adjustments to bills fast and convenient. A POS terminal system can work seamlessly with your electronic payment systems to make payment easy and convenient for your customers.

In addition to all other befits the right POS terminal system will allow you to collect and analyze sales data to optimize how you operate your business. A terminal POS system is the ultimate tool to run your business efficiently. With many different types of POS systems to choose from you can be sure to find the software to suit your business needs. For assistance in choosing the right POS system for your business please visit or contact page and get in touch.



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