Advantages of Tableside Restaurant Payment Processing

Offering tableside payment options is no longer a luxury for restaurants. Customers expect the convenience of being able to pay for their meals right at the table, rather than paying at a stationary POS terminal at the checkout counter, or having a server take their card back to a station to process their payment.

If you have not yet upgraded your restaurant payment processing system to include wireless payment terminals, you’re missing out on many of the advantages they offer. Here, we’ll take a look at the benefits of tableside restaurant payment processing for your business:

  1. Improved Customer Satisfaction
    Quick service when and where they want it is key to your customers’ satisfaction. Many of us have experienced long wait times for the bill at the end of a meal, and this wait can leave a negative impression in our minds, even if the rest of the experience was excellent. To keep customers coming back and enjoying meals, consider how your payment processing may be impacting your reputation.
  2. Increased Table Turnover
    By opting for a tableside payment terminal, you’re eliminating many of the steps that cause the payment process to be so time consuming. Rather than having the server drop off the bill, wait for the client to produce a card, then take the card back to the terminal to swipe it, the server can bring the bill and terminal directly to the table. The receipt can be printed right there and then, meaning your servers can process payment quickly, and your customers don’t have to wait!
  3. Increased Security For Customers
    Your customers’ security is of utmost importance when it comes to restaurant payment processing. When guests pay at a traditional cash register, or if servers must take a customer’s credit card out of sight, this can expose your business and its patrons to increased fraud risk. From incorrect charges to card skimming and identity theft, there are many ways that information can be compromised when the card is out of sight. By opting for a wireless POS terminal, cards can remain in your customers’ hands, thereby eliminating these fraud risks.
  4. Improved Efficiency
    Restaurants that use a pay-at-the-counter model typically employ a staff member to handle all payments. By switching to a tableside wireless payment processing system, each server can handle payments at their own tables. This eliminates the need for an additional hire to manage the cash register altogether, and improves the speed of the checkout process for the customer at the end of their meal.

If you’re looking to upgrade your restaurant payment processing technology, look no further than Swift Payments. Our team can match you with the right wireless POS terminal and payment processing solutions to help your restaurant succeed. Contact us today to learn more!




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