Choosing the Right Mobile Point of Sale Solution


Today, merchants are no longer tied to their bulky, stationary cash registers. There are many mobile point of sale options available on the market to allow you to accept payments while on the go, or even via your smartphone or tablet. Mobile POS systems offer complete flexibility and let business owners take credit card payments anywhere within their store, or at a customer’s location.

If you’re interested in accepting payments on the go, here are some of the top things you’ll want to consider when selecting a mobile point of sale solution:

  • Will it integrate with your existing POS systems and payment processing provider?
  • What are the network requirements of the device? Can it be used via WiFi or another long range wireless network?
  • What kind of security features does the system offer? Does it use secure encryption to transmit transaction and personal data?
  • Is the solution ready to support the latest and up-and-coming methods of payment such as contactless, chip and pin, NFC (near field) and mobile wallets?
  • What options does the solution provide for printing and managing receipts? Can they be printed or emailed?
  • Can transaction information be entered manually and processed at a later time if the device is out of range?

Mobile Point of Sale Solutions

Your mobile point of sale solution can take the form of a smartphone solution or a 3G-equipped POS terminal. Which type you choose for your business will depend on how you want to accept payment and what type of hardware or software you wish to invest in.

Wireless 3G POS Terminal

A wireless POS terminal equipped with 3G connectivity allows you to process payments anywhere you can receive a data connection. One major benefit of these types of POS terminals is that they are nearly identical to the typical wired terminals you’d find in businesses across the country. Customers are familiar with their operation, and your staff will be comfortable using them to collect payment. With integrated receipt printing capabilities, these terminals are an all-in-one solution that offers convenience and reliability.

Smartphone Card Reader

A smartphone card reader is a small device that plugs into your existing mobile device to allow you to swipe a customer’s card and accept payment. Look for a smartphone card reader and accompanying software that allows you to enter payment details manually if your data network or hardware fails, or you have issues with swiping the customer’s card. You’ll also want to select a mobile card reader that captures a wealth of transaction data so you can track and report on all payments processed through this system alongside your other mobile point of sale solutions.

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