Speeding Up the Checkout Process With Chip Card Readers

If your business is currently using chip card readers, you may have noticed that your debit and credit card transactions are taking a few seconds longer. Inserting and reading the chip card, along with requesting and entering the customer’s PIN can increase the overall time it takes to process a transaction, especially when compared with the old method of a simple card swipe.

While this may be true, there are still ways you can ensure a speedy checkout process that moves customers through in a timely manner, increasing their satisfaction and allowing your business to process more payments in less time. If you are experiencing longer transaction times due to EMV chip card readers, consider the following to expedite the payment process:

Make Sure Your Staff is Properly Trained

Chip-and-PIN transactions may seem like old hat to you, but do all your employees know how to assist customers in completing these types of transactions? Train your staff on how to guide customers through the chip card reader payment process, instructing customers to insert their card, wait for the on-screen prompts and enter their PIN. With proper training, your checkout lines will move more smoothly and give customers the best possible experience.

Offer Mobile Payment Solutions
If you truly want to speed up the checkout process for your business, why not consider incorporating additional payment terminals in the form of mobile payment processing solutions? By adding card readers to mobile devices like phones or tablets, you can affordably increase the number of checkouts during busy seasons, allowing customers to make their payments faster. As an added bonus, these payment terminals are mobile, allowing them to be moved around your physical business space where and when they are needed.

Offer NFC (Near Field Communication) Payment

Chip card readers have been widely implemented due to their enhanced security features. Much like these chip cards, near field communication payment methods offer outstanding security for the customer. The customer must enter their payment information in an app of their choosing (such as Apple Pay), which secures sensitive data by means of a fingerprint or code. The “tap and go” nature of the NFC payment technology means you can accept payment more quickly at checkout. Adopting NFC technology at the point of sale also allows you to maintain a high level of security while still delivering a smooth checkout experience for the customer.

For more information on speeding up the checkout process with chip card readers and other alternative payment processing methods, discover what Swift Payments has to offer. Contact us today to learn about our industry-leading payment technologies and affordable rates!



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