4 eCommerce Credit Card Processing Tips for Businesses


When the concept of eCommerce first made its debut, it was much more difficult, time-consuming and costly to implement on your website. Setting up a payment processing system that accepted major credit cards and integrated well into your existing website and shopping cart technology could be a challenge. However, eCommerce websites are extremely commonplace today. With a number of affordable and simple to use and set up technologies, eCommerce is now accessible to even new start-ups and local small businesses.

If your business is looking to get into the eCommerce space, or you simply want some advice on operating your existing online store, follow these four eCommerce credit card processing tips:

  1. Meeting Volume Requirements
    If you are a small or medium sized business, it’s likely that your sales will fluctuate on a monthly basis. So, when choosing a credit card processing company, make sure you clearly discuss and understand any volume requirements or monthly minimums. Some eCommerce credit card processing providers charge additional fees if you don’t meet your agreed upon volume requirement. Keep in mind that these requirements are unnecessary, and search for a provider who has no monthly minimums.
  2. Understand Hidden Fees

While you’ll always have interchange fees to pay when it comes to eCommerce credit card processing, there are many other fees that are completely avoidable. If you’re considering a payment processor who attempts to hide additional fees with confusing and complex pricing tables, be sure to ask for clarification before you move forward. If things appear too convoluted, search for a credit card processing company who offers transparent pricing structures like Swift Payments’s Cost + Pricing.

  1. Keep Customer Information Secure
    As an online retailer, it is your responsibility to keep your customers’ credit card information secure. Choose an online payment gateway that uses SSL (secure sockets layer) to ensure that all data transmissions are encrypted. Swift Payments’s online credit card processing solutions are PCI compliant so customer payments can be accepted safely, and data can be stored while minimizing security risks.
  2. Protect Yourself & Customers From Fraud
    Unfortunately, the potential for fraud can be high when it comes to online transactions. When deciding to accept payments online, you will have to be extra vigilant about putting the right security tools and processes in place to protect both you and your customers. Monitor user accounts and transactions if possible, keeping an eye out for red flags like inconsistent shipping and billing addresses. You may also want to set limits for the number of transactions and dollar volume you accept from a single account in one day. Other fraud prevention measures you can employ include asking for the Card Verification Value (CVV) from the back of credit cards, or requiring more complex user passwords that are harder for fraudsters or hackers to crack.


Need more help choosing the right eCommerce credit card processing solution for your online store? Get in touch with the payment processing experts at Swift Payments. We’ll help you choose a simple and affordable solution that integrates with your online shopping cart technology.



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