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Understanding Credit Card Processing Pricing Models

The payment processing industry can be complex to navigate for small business owners, and when you’re shopping for the right merchant services, every penny counts. There are so many different credit card processing pricing models out there that it can be difficult to determine which one offers the best value for your needs. Read more

Speeding Up the Checkout Process With Chip Card Readers

If your business is currently using chip card readers, you may have noticed that your debit and credit card transactions are taking a few seconds longer. Inserting and reading the chip card, along with requesting and entering the customer’s PIN can increase the overall time it takes to process a transaction, especially when compared with the old method of a simple card swipe. Read more

What is a Credit Card Chargeback?

While you already know that accepting credit cards and debit cards is a great move that can benefit your business, you must also consider some of the risks that come with accepting credit cards as a payment option. One such risk is the chargeback, which is a type of transaction you must be aware of as a merchant.

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Review Your Payment Processing Services This New Year

It’s a brand new year, meaning it’s the perfect time for your business to do a review of your current payment processing services. By taking a closer look at your credit card processing company, your agreement with them, and how your business is operating, you’ll be able to determine whether or not the services you currently have are the right fit. Read more

Why Accepting Credit Cards is a Benefit for Small Business

It can be extremely challenging for Canadian small businesses to compete with the larger players in their space, who have more resources available to them. One way for business to compete with bigger companies is to accept credit cards. 73% of Canadians have at least one credit card, which makes for a huge market that no small business can afford to ignore, especially if they are looking to grow. Read more

4 eCommerce Credit Card Processing Tips for Businesses


When the concept of eCommerce first made its debut, it was much more difficult, time-consuming and costly to implement on your website. Setting up a payment processing system that accepted major credit cards and integrated well into your existing website and shopping cart technology could be a challenge. However, eCommerce websites are extremely commonplace today. With a number of affordable and simple to use and set up technologies, eCommerce is now accessible to even new start-ups and local small businesses. Read more

Understanding Credit Card Processing Fees

25953098 - hands holding bank cards in flat design style.

25953098 - hands holding bank cards in flat design style.

Credit card processing fees can be extremely complex and overwhelming for merchants to understand. Unfortunately, they are a reality of doing business if you wish to accept credit card payments from your customers. If you are looking to choose a payment processing company or are interested in making a switch, it’s essential that you understand the different types of fees and how they work. With a clear picture of what these fees mean, you can get a better idea of just what you’ll be paying on a monthly basis. Read more

Make iPhone Credit Card Processing Simple With MagTek®


Many business owners are looking for a flexible and simple way to process credit card payments. While purchasing a traditional payment terminal is one option, mobile solutions are quickly becoming increasingly popular. Developments in Android and iPhone credit card processing technology mean that businesses can accept payments anywhere, anytime they need to.

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Interchange Fees Explained: How Fees Work in Credit Card Processing


Interchange fees are one of the most complex ideas that merchants must consider when it comes to credit card processing. Being charged different rates for different types of transactions can quickly become confusing, and it can be difficult to understand who exactly is getting paid each time you accept a credit card payment. In this blog post, we’ve put together a basic guide to interchange fees so you can better understand their structure.

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Visa & MasterCard reduce their rates for merchants who accept credit cards

Visa & Master Card - Merchant Services - London Ontario and Windsor Ontario

What rate are you paying?  Starting in April 2015, Visa and Mastercard have both reduced their rates for all merchants who accept credit cards. This is a first-ever reduction in interchange fees to accept credit cards. Read more



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