What’s In Store for the Future of Mobile Payment Processing?

The concept of mobile payment processing isn’t a new one. From smartphone apps that allow customers to buy products and services, to smartphone card readers that transform devices into point-of-sale terminals and online payment gateways, there are many ways for businesses to accept mobile credit card payments wherever they are, provided they have a data or Wi-Fi connection handy. Read more

Why Accepting Credit Cards is a Benefit for Small Business

It can be extremely challenging for Canadian small businesses to compete with the larger players in their space, who have more resources available to them. One way for business to compete with bigger companies is to accept credit cards. 73% of Canadians have at least one credit card, which makes for a huge market that no small business can afford to ignore, especially if they are looking to grow. Read more

How to Use iPad Payment Processing for Your Business

As the popularity of tablet computers continues to grow and your customers become more and more familiar with them, the rise of iPad payment processing will likely become widely adopted by retailers as well. For business owners, the iPad is a revolutionary tool that can greatly advance the way your business operates and accepts payments during the checkout process. Read more

5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Payment Processing System

It seems that everywhere you look these days, new forms of payment processing are emerging. From paying via your smartphone to contactless payments, biometric technologies and digital wallets, there are countless ways for customers to pay. Are you keeping up? Read more

Protecting Against Chip Card Fraud


Recently introduced, EMV or chip and PIN cards are intended to be a solution to the prevalent problem of credit and debit card fraud. These chip cards use EMV technology, named after Europay/MasterCard/Visa, the three companies that outlined the standards for these new cards. The advantage? Each time that the chip card is activated during a transaction, a new unique code is created to confirm the purchase and transmit the cardholder’s information to the retailer. This is a huge difference from swipe credit and debit cards, which use the exact same transaction code each and every time they are used. When the same code is used each time, it’s much easier for criminals to skim the code and use it in future fraudulent purchases. Read more

How to Accept Credit Card Payments Online

14190003 - credit cards and a computer for online shopping

Being able to accept credit card payments online is a key part of day to day operations for eCommerce retailers across Canada. Accepting online payments for goods and services allows your business to sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But how do you know where to start if you want to accept payments on your website? In this blog post, we’ll outline the top three required elements for your business to begin accepting credit cards online. Read more

4 eCommerce Credit Card Processing Tips for Businesses


When the concept of eCommerce first made its debut, it was much more difficult, time-consuming and costly to implement on your website. Setting up a payment processing system that accepted major credit cards and integrated well into your existing website and shopping cart technology could be a challenge. However, eCommerce websites are extremely commonplace today. With a number of affordable and simple to use and set up technologies, eCommerce is now accessible to even new start-ups and local small businesses. Read more

Understanding Credit Card Processing Fees

25953098 - hands holding bank cards in flat design style.

25953098 - hands holding bank cards in flat design style.

Credit card processing fees can be extremely complex and overwhelming for merchants to understand. Unfortunately, they are a reality of doing business if you wish to accept credit card payments from your customers. If you are looking to choose a payment processing company or are interested in making a switch, it’s essential that you understand the different types of fees and how they work. With a clear picture of what these fees mean, you can get a better idea of just what you’ll be paying on a monthly basis. Read more

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