What Is A POS In A Restaurant

A POS system is essential for any modern-day restaurant. Regardless of how you operate your business it is important for you and for the customer experience to utilize a POS system. You very likely already use a POS system but may not have a full understanding of what it is. This article with walk you through what a POS is as well as look at different types of POS systems that are used in restaurants. No matter what business you are in an efficient POS system will make business easier for you and your customers. Read more

How To Pay Online With a Debit Card

Have you ever wanted to pay for an item online without using a credit card? Although convenient, not every customer has or wants to use a credit card for online purchases. In the past these customers could have turned to a third party platform to make purchases online. With the increase in major banking institutions implementing online debit card options such as VISA Debit, customers are now able to pay online with a debit card from their regular banking accounts directly on a merchant's website. Read more

What is a POS System?

If you are a business owner, you will need to have an understanding of POS systems. If you are a new business owner and plan to have an eCommerce website, this knowledge is essential to developing and maintaining your online presence. Without it, you cannot do business in the virtual environment or keep your income coming in for your brand. In other words, having an effective POS system is one of the critical, key components of your business presence online. Below is more detailed information about the role a POS system plays with your online eCommerce business.  Read more

Function meets Form with POYNT

Function meets form in a new breed of wireless terminal that delivers an exceptional guest experience. Poynt is an all-in-one smart device that looks great and gives both you and your guests a great view of every transaction.

With dual touch screens and an integrated printer, your guests will have an enhanced user experience and the best countertop/mobile solution in the marketplace. Read more

What is a Mobile Wallet?

Nowadays, it seems as though our mobile devices can do everything for us – and this includes making payments. A smartphone can go as far as replacing our traditional credit cards and even cash. So, what is a mobile wallet? A mobile wallet is essentially a digital version of the wallet you own now, containing information about your credit cards, debit cards, store loyalty cards, personal identification cards and more. Customers simply download an app, then add their details into the mobile wallet. Downloadable mobile wallet apps may be available from consumer banks, technology companies, specific retailers and rewards programs. Read more

Understanding Credit Card Processing Pricing Models

The payment processing industry can be complex to navigate for small business owners, and when you’re shopping for the right merchant services, every penny counts. There are so many different credit card processing pricing models out there that it can be difficult to determine which one offers the best value for your needs. Read more

Why Offer Alternative Payment Methods?

Alternative payment methods encompass many of the non-traditional ways that today’s customers are choosing to pay. They can include anything from near-field communication (NFC) payments like Apple Pay and Android Pay, to online payment gateways, mobile card readers and tablet POS systems. Read more

Speeding Up the Checkout Process With Chip Card Readers

If your business is currently using chip card readers, you may have noticed that your debit and credit card transactions are taking a few seconds longer. Inserting and reading the chip card, along with requesting and entering the customer’s PIN can increase the overall time it takes to process a transaction, especially when compared with the old method of a simple card swipe. Read more

Why Choose a Payment Processing Provider With No Long-Term Contract?

The payment processing industry is notorious for its hard-to-understand rates, long-term contracts and hidden fees. It can be frustrating for small business owners to choose the right payment processing provider and navigate through complex rate structures, interchange fees, payment terminal hardware, POS software and everything that comes with accepting credit card payments. Read more

Advantages of Tableside Restaurant Payment Processing

Offering tableside payment options is no longer a luxury for restaurants. Customers expect the convenience of being able to pay for their meals right at the table, rather than paying at a stationary POS terminal at the checkout counter, or having a server take their card back to a station to process their payment. Read more

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